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As you know UNESCO will consider a place as UNSECO Biosphere Reserve when the ecosystem is with plants and animals of unusual scientific and natural interest. Kihaadhoo Development Society ( KiDS) is committed proactively to be part of the mission to protect the ecosystem of Baa Atoll. Currently we are in a mission to make an ecofriendly park.  This program is for those who wants to join and contribute us in this mission.  By planting a tree you are helping us to install 3kw hybrid renewable energy system in the Ecofriendly Park.

Kihaadhoo Development Society

Kihaadhoo Development Society ( KiDS ) is an active NGO in B.Kihaadhoo. Which was registered in ministry of Home Affairs in 8 October 2015. One of the main objective of the organization is to protect the unique environment of Baa Atoll. Our side objectives also includes education, health and sports.

Our Objectives 

·         To build a community from which the country and can be benefited.

·         To build healthy community through sports.

·         To build an educated person.

·         To protect our unique environment.

Bank Account Details
Bank: Bank of Maldives
Account Name: Kihaadhoo Development Society
Account Number: 7730000187079 (MVR)
Account Number: 7730000187080 (USD)

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