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Category: Environment

Kihaadhoo Development Society Joins Reethi Day January 2019

Kihaadhoo Developmet society ( KiDs ) joined with Reethi Beach Resort to celebrate Reethi day. The word ‘Reethi’ is a Dhivehi word, meaning ‘beautify’. Reethi day is celebrated each month in the Reethi Beach Resort to clean nearby islands, sand banks, and reefs around the islands.  This time we cleaned up Dhanadhoo. Which is an uninhabited island in Baa Atoll.

Including Reethi Beach Resot Participants of this event includes Kihaadhoo School, Ozeankind e.V.,  Parley Maldives and eight volunteering guests of the Reethi Beach Resort

We have been able to remove 126.6 kilos of trash, more than 16 kilograms of PET plastic bottles in this event.

The major objective of carrying out theses activates is to reduce the non-biodegradable waste items scattered around the island and to essentially reduce the damage cause to the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to waste..

Plant a legacy and get a chance to a 3 days resort trip!

‘Plant a Legacy’ is a new program started by Kihaadhoo Development Society in which the participants get a chance to spend 3 days holiday at a resort. This event is opened for anybody who wants to sponsor a tree to plant in the children’s park that is currently being developed in Baa atoll Kihaadhoo. You can sponsor a tree through Kihaadhoo Developments Society’s website. Two winners will be selected at the end of the program and each winner will get the opportunity to spend 3 days at a resort, with the company of one extra person of their choice. The trips to the resorts are sponsored by Anantara Kihaavah Villas Maldives and Reethi Beach Resort. The funds received from this program will be spent on installing a renewable energy system for generating electricity for the Children’s park that is going to be opened in B.Kihaadhoo.

In this program, you can sponsor a tree as an individual, as a couple or as a company. You can plant a tree under any of those categories. The tree will be planted with a name tag of the person who sponsored the tree, in order to appreciate the person’s generous contribution to bringing a positive change to the environment.

Those who want to take part in this event can sponsor a tree through Kihaadhoo Development Society’s official website, Donations can be made by debit/credit card or bank transfer. Those who wish to sponsor a tree through bank transfer, should make sure to write the order reference number in the remarks, which you will receive by email.

The trees to be planted in the park is mainly divided into three categories. These include, different types of palm trees, big shady trees and different types of flowering plants. The chance to sponsor a tree is open from 1st December 2018 to 31st December 2018. Developing the children’s park in B.Kihaadho is a joint project of Kihaadhoo Development Society and Kihaadhoo Council.

Kihadhoo Development Society celebrating Earth Day 2017

KiDS held a cleanup day in the Island, B.Kihaadhoo to be actively engaged in the globally celebrated annual Earth Day to be a part of the great international ‘environmental movement’. Protecting the much vulnerable environment of the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is one of the NGO’s major objectives. The activities of the Cleanup Day included collecting garbage from the beaches and other parts of the Island. The garbage collected included different plastic bags, bottles, cans, plastic bottle caps, straws and many other forms of trash and litter washed up at the seashore which has become a danger to the environment.

The activity was attracted by many volunteers including the very philanthropic Reethi Beach Island Resort. ‘It is very important to protect the environment. The advancement in lifestyles, is causing so much environmental hazard.” said the General Manager, Mr.Peter Gremes of Reethi Beach Resort at the opening of the event.

All the non-decomposable trash and litter collected during the Cleanup Day was taken to the Reethi Beach Resort where it will all be recycled.

Many volunteers collaborated in the environment cleanup event, including Reethi Beach Resort, Parle, BEM, Kihaadhoo Council, Kihaadhoo Health Center, Fenaka Kihaadhoo Branch and the Coastline Group.

Earth Day is being celebrated internationally around the globe on the 22nd of April every year, since 1970. The objective is to minimize the harmful effects caused to the environment in order to make a happy and peaceful environment, by understanding and spreading awareness on the things that can be done to protect the environment. This year’s Earth Day jingle was “March for Science”.