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Kihadhoo Development Society celebrating Earth Day 2017

KiDS held a cleanup day in the Island, B.Kihaadhoo to be actively engaged in the globally celebrated annual Earth Day to be a part of the great international ‘environmental movement’. Protecting the much vulnerable environment of the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is one of the NGO’s major objectives. The activities of the Cleanup Day included collecting garbage from the beaches and other parts of the Island. The garbage collected included different plastic bags, bottles, cans, plastic bottle caps, straws and many other forms of trash and litter washed up at the seashore which has become a danger to the environment.

The activity was attracted by many volunteers including the very philanthropic Reethi Beach Island Resort. ‘It is very important to protect the environment. The advancement in lifestyles, is causing so much environmental hazard.” said the General Manager, Mr.Peter Gremes of Reethi Beach Resort at the opening of the event.

All the non-decomposable trash and litter collected during the Cleanup Day was taken to the Reethi Beach Resort where it will all be recycled.

Many volunteers collaborated in the environment cleanup event, including Reethi Beach Resort, Parle, BEM, Kihaadhoo Council, Kihaadhoo Health Center, Fenaka Kihaadhoo Branch and the Coastline Group.

Earth Day is being celebrated internationally around the globe on the 22nd of April every year, since 1970. The objective is to minimize the harmful effects caused to the environment in order to make a happy and peaceful environment, by understanding and spreading awareness on the things that can be done to protect the environment. This year’s Earth Day jingle was “March for Science”.

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