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A step to manage waste by Kihaadhoo Development Society ( KiDS )

Kihaadhoo Development Society has installed trash dustbins around the picnic area and the Adugovaamagu road (the main road to the picnic area) of the Island as a step to manage garbage. The beautiful beach of the island attracts lots of people who gather around the area to have fun and enjoy the beauty of nature. KIDs aims to make people more responsible towards the environment and also to raise awareness and prevent damage caused to the environment from non-biodegradable waste.

The activity was completed with coordination from the Sonee Hardware Private Limited who generously sponsored the dustbins. The garbage collected from the dustbins will be sent for recycling.

This will help in making the Island’s beach clean and free from harmful plastic and other waste that bring hazard to the environment. One of the major objectives of the KiDs is to work towards protecting the unique environment of Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.