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KiDs has started a ‘Zero Plastic Bag’ campaign

Plastic bags which is a non-biodegradable product is a huge threat to the environment although, sadly, it is a commonly used product. It gets even worse since, most the time these plastic bags are taken for one time use only and this increase the number of the bags thrown away, causing danger to the environment.

Kihaadhoo Development Society has started a ‘Zero Plastic Bag’ campaign in order to address the issue of the harm caused to the environment by plastic bags. As the first phase of this campaign, KiDs has distributed bio-degradable and reusable bags sponsored by DHIRAAGU, in Kihaadhoo island. This eco-friendly activity is expected to reduce the number of plastic bags thrown away in the island and raise awareness among people, of the threat it causes to the vulnerable ecosystem. Through this campaign, KiDs also hope that  a movement of protecting the environment will be started in the island at an individual level, where everyone in the island can contribute to the important work of preserving the environment rather than causing harm.