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Kihaadhoo Development Society ( KiDS ) joined ‘Reethiday’

Kihaadhoo Developmet society ( KiDs ) joined with Reethi Beach Resort to celebrate Reethi day. The word ‘Reethi’ is a Dhivehi word, meaning ‘beautify’. Reethi day is celebrated each month in the  Reethi Beach Resort to clean nearby islands, sand banks, and reefs around the islands.  As a part of this event the fishermen is also encouraged to collect the ocean trash while fishing during the day so that to develop the good habit in the long run.

The team cleaned Kihaadhoo picnic area and was able to collect, 75kg of plastics, 6kg of metal and 9kg of glass.

The students of TVEC also joined the cleaning activity.

The major objective of carrying out theses activates is to reduce the non-biodegradable waste items scattered around the island and to essentially reduce the damage cause to the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to waste.