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Ruhdhandu program to make Kihaadhoo Green

Kihaadhoo Development Society has started ‘Ruhdhandu’ program to make Kihaadhoo Island Green.  The main reason for this program is to reduce the negative effect that will be caused to the environment because of the plan of cutting down of the palm trees for the ongoing project of the construction of TVEC campus which covers 240,000sqft area. This is around 7% of the island and the area has a large number of palm trees that hugely contributes to the green ecosystem of the island. KiDs aims to plant more trees to compensate for the precious palm trees that would be cut during the construction process.


The green activity was started early morning.  During the event KiDs have planted 50 palm trees in selected areas of the island where there is less number of trees. Kihaadhoo Development Society will be looking after these trees closely until it can be left to grow on its own.

Kihaadhoo School and Kihaadhoo Counsil also participated in the event.